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Veneers are often classified as a cosmetic dental treatment since they can be easily used to effectively restore the original shade and shape of your teeth. They are very thin layers of porcelain shells which are bonded to your teeth with minimal or no tooth reduction.

When Are Veneers Recommended?

Veneers serve a purpose in severe discolorations, fractures and tooth wear to restore the original look of your smile. For many patients, however, they can also be used to drastically improve your smile in cases of crowding of teeth or to cover any gaps.

The main aim at Classic Dental is to achieve a high quality and incredibly precise restoration or smile makeover that looks great, feels great and is long lasting!

The results with veneers can be life changing! Want to smile again with confidence? Veneers are your answer!

At Classic Dental, our dentists are experienced in the latest techniques to achieve the best results with veneers, using only the highest quality of materials for our porcelain veneers.

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